About Apple Watch water resistance - Apple Support (2024)

Learn about water resistance on your Apple Watch and what to do if your device gets wet.

Is my Apple Watch waterproof?

Your Apple Watch is water resistant, but not waterproof. For example, you can wear and use your Apple Watch during activities such as exercise (exposure to sweat is OK), walking in rain, and washing your hands. With Apple Watch Ultra, you can also participate in high-speed water sports and recreational scuba diving up to 40 meters.

Can I go scuba diving, swimming, or take a shower with my Apple Watch?

If you have Apple Watch Ultra or later, you can wear it during recreational scuba diving up to 130 feet (40 meters) and other activities like swimming, showering, and water skiing.*

Apple Watch Series 2 and later can be used for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean, but you shouldn't use models other than Apple Watch Ultra or later for diving, water skiing, or other activities involving submersion below shallow depth or high-velocity water.

Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch (1st generation) are splash and water resistant, but submerging these models isn't recommended.

Not all Apple Watch bands are appropriate for water use. For example, the stainless steel and leather bands aren't water resistant and shouldn't be exposed to liquids.

* For important information about safety while using Apple Watch Ultra for underwater activities, see Measure underwater temperature, duration, and depth on Apple Watch Ultra in the Apple Watch Ultra User Guide.

What should I avoid while wearing my Apple Watch?

Water resistance isn't a permanent condition and can diminish over time. Apple Watch can't be rechecked or resealed for water resistance. The following can affect the water resistance of your Apple Watch and should be avoided:

  • Dropping Apple Watch or subjecting it to other impacts

  • Exposing Apple Watch to soap or soapy water (for example, while showering or bathing)

  • Exposing Apple Watch to perfume, solvents, detergent, acids or acidic foods, insect repellent, lotions, sunscreen, oil, or hair dye

  • Exposing Apple Watch models other than Apple Watch Ultra or later to high-velocity water (for example, while water skiing)

  • Wearing Apple Watch while cliff diving or high diving

  • Wearing Apple Watch in a steam room

  • Wearing Apple Watch models other than Apple Watch Ultra or later in a sauna

  • Wearing Apple Watch Ultra or later in a sauna above 55° C (130° F)

While the above should be avoided, if your Apple Watch comes in contact accidentally with soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, perfumes, solvents, detergent, acids or acidic foods, insect repellent, sunscreen, oil, hair dye, or any substance other than water, it should be cleaned with fresh warm water and dried with a lint-free cloth. Chemicals found in these items could negatively affect water seals and acoustic membranes.

What should I do if my Apple Watch gets wet?

To remove water from your Apple Watch, wipe it off with a nonabrasive, lint-free cloth. Don't use heat, compressed air, or sprays. Clean and dry your Apple Watch, the band, and your skin after workouts or heavy sweating. After swimming, gently rinse Apple Watch Series 2 and later under lightly running, warm, fresh water. Dry Apple Watch and the band thoroughly afterwards. Learn more about cleaning your Apple Watch.

If your Apple Watch gets wet and its speaker sounds muffled, follow the steps below. Don't insert anything into the openings—for example, the microphone or speaker ports—and don't shake the watch to remove water. Allowing your Apple Watch to charge overnight might speed up evaporation.

On Apple Watch Series 3 and later, measurements from the barometric altimeter might be less accurate if water gets into the air vent (for example, during swimming). Normal altimeter performance returns after the water has evaporated.

Apple Watch Series 2 and later

When you start a swimming workout, your Apple Watch automatically locks the screen with Water Lock to avoid accidental taps. And if you have Apple Watch Ultra or later, you can have it turn on Water Lock automatically when it's submerged to a depth of 10cm or lower. When you finish, press and hold* the Digital Crown to unlock the screen and clear any water from your Apple Watch. A series of tones plays to clear any water that remains in the speaker.

To clear water from Apple Watch manually, press the side button to open Control Center (for watchOS 9 or earlier, touch and hold the bottom of the screen, then swipe up). Tap Water Lock, then press and hold the Digital Crown to unlock the screen and clear water from the speaker.

* If your Apple Watch has watchOS 8 or earlier, rotate the Digital Crown instead of pressing it.

Apple Watch Series 1 or earlier

Check to see if water is in the microphone or speaker by placing the device, speaker-side down, on a nonabrasive, lint-free cloth to see if any water drips out. Water in the port can degrade speaker or microphone performance until it evaporates completely.

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About Apple Watch water resistance - Apple Support (2024)


About Apple Watch water resistance - Apple Support? ›

Apple Watch Series 2 and later have a water-resistance rating of 50 meters under ISO standard 22810:2010. Apple Watch Ultra and later have a water-resistance rating of 100 meters under ISO standard 22810:2010 and is EN13319-compliant. Apple Watch Series 7 and later are rated IP6X dust resistant.

How does the Apple Watch water lock work? ›

When Water Lock is on, your Apple Watch doesn't respond to touch on its display. This prevents accidental input while you're in water. When you turn off Water Lock, your watch ejects any water that remains in its speaker.

What is Apple water resistant? ›

None of the iPhones are fully Waterproof. They are water resistant. The iPhone 13 is water resistant with an IP68 rating, which means it can survive submersion in water for up to 30 minutes if the water is less than 6 meters (19.6 feet) deep.

Can I wear my Apple Watch in the pool? ›

From laps in a pool to a freestyle across open water, your Apple Watch Series 2 or later is ready for a swim with you.

How do I make my Apple Watch water resistant? ›

You don't need to do anything. The Apple Watch is water resistant always. You can turn on Water lock to prevent water pressure from activating the screen though.

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