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iPhone or Android? Which do you prefer?

Personally, I'm an iPhone kind of person. I've been buying buying Apple phones since the iPhone 3, so when I heard that they were coming out with a smart watch... I had to get it.

In my opinion, before the Apple Watch, smartwatches were not that great. Samsung had a few good models but they were still new to the game, and they had not really landed on a great design yet.

Then comes the Apple Watch.

They've come a long way since they first released in 2015. The design hasn't change all that much but the price sure has! When first released, the least expensive Apple Watch you could buy was $349! Now, in 2018, you can get a good Apple Watch on the used market for as low as $130!

Year Released

April 24, 2015

Value Back in the Day

$349 to $17,000

What's it Worth Today?

These prices are going to change drastically depending on when you read this article. Keep in mind that the prices I'm about to tell you are from 4/23/2018. 6 months from now, these prices might change. Nevertheless, here you go!

Below we've listed each series of Apple Watch and what they will sell for on a used market today:

Apple Watch Sport: $100-$130

Apple Watch Series 1: $150-$200

Apple Watch Series 2: $200-$250

Apple Watch Series 3: $300-$350

The above list is a great guideline on what you should pay for a used Apple Watch at either a pawnshop, Facebook Marketplace, an individual, or any other used market. If you can get each series in the dollar range that we've listed, you're doing great!

Our Offer

Disclaimer. As with any product we buy, pawn, or sell, we're in this business to make money. We absolutely have to buy items for less than what they are worth, so that we can sell them for what they worth. Keep that in mind when looking at the list below!

What we'll pay for Apple Watches today:

Apple Watch Sport: $75-$85

Apple Watch Series 1: $90-$125

Apple Watch Series 2: $125-$150

Apple Watch Series 3: $175-$230

Wrap UP

We get asked about Apple Watches daily! It's safe to say that the demand for these watches have only increased since the price dropped to an affordable level. If you have an Apple Watch that you want to sell, you're still in a good season to do so. Apple Watches move so quickly in the pawnshop that we'll pay a much higher percentage of value than we do for other items. Looking to buy an Apple Watch? We can help with that too! Just give us a call or come by the store to let us know so that we can put your name down to get the next one!

What Will the Pawnshop Pay for my Apple Watch?  — Pocket Pawn (2024)
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