Top 7 Israeli Special Forces Units - MilitaryView (2024)

Being under constant threat, Israel has established some of the world’s most elite and well-respected special forces units. Israel Each unit has a defining characteristic specialty and job to keep Israel and its citizens safe at any cost.

Here are Israel’s top seven special forces units.


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REFAIMTranslated to “ghosts,” it is Israel’s newest multi-dimensional Elite unit.

It consists of IDF personnel from the Air Force, Armored Core, Intelligence, telecommunications, cyber, and reconnaissance divisions. Recruiting the finest men from its special forces units, including Magellan, Yahalom, and Duke Devan.

The unit’s goal is simple: to be self-sufficient and independent while finding and exposing its targets.

By bringing together most of the IDF‘s branches and elite forces, the IDF made a unit that works well together and has a single leader and goal.

Although the unit’s missions have been kept a secret, it has been confirmed that they have been operationally active since 2020 and have already taken part in some of Israel’s recent conflicts and Wars.

Refaim is not only just preparing for the future. It is the future of the battlefield and the IDF.


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DUVDEVANis the IDF’s elite counter Terror unit. It conducts covert operations in urban areas, frequently dressed as Arab civilians in order to infiltrate terrorist cells and disrupt terrorist activity.

The squad executes numerous high-risk and complex operations, including targeted assassinations, kidnappings, and other classified covert missions.

When they are not conducting high-profile arrests or gathering Intelligence on Israel’s enemies, they are always on call and ready to spring into action.

5. 669

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Unit 669 is the IDF search and rescue Special Forces Unit. They are tasked with hell-born extraction recovery and medical treatment of injured soldiers as well as civilians.

Since they might have to fight their way to casualties Behind Enemy Lines, this unit is good at repelling fast roping, scuba diving, and counter-terrorism.

Unit operators get a lot of training in Special Forces tactics and become excellent ground soldiers. They also get a lot of training in medicine.

The defining factor of a 669 operator is the ability to make difficult decisions under extremely high pressure and to rescue operators from Deep Behind Enemy Lines.


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SHALDAG is the Israeli Air Force’s Tier 1 SF unit. Most of Shaldag’soperations are highly classified and unknown to the public.

What is known about the unit is that they can be deployed undetected in The combat zones to conduct special reconnaissance, establish airfields, and air traffic control, helping the Israeli Air Force strike its targets from the air.

Unit operators speak in the IAF’s language and transmit precise Target coordinates to fighter jets and attack helicopters.

When the unit is not engaged in top-secret classified operations, it analyzes Israel’s enemies and prepares for whatever challenges it may face in the near future.


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SHAYETET 13 is Israel’s Elite Naval Commando unit operating in the sea, on land, and in the air in various Daring and special missions.

They are frequently likened to the U.S. Navy Seals and the Special Boat Service of Great Britain.

Most mission specifics and active operator identities are highly confidential. The unit engages in various operational Activities, including strategic damage to enemy Maritime infrastructures and Gathering high-quality Intelligence on enemy operations.

SHAYETET 13 excels in sea-to-land incursions, counter-terrorism, sabotage, Maritime intelligence gathering, Maritime hostage rescue, and vessel boarding.


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SAYERET MATKAL is considered one of the world’s best Special Operations units. Their operations are among the most top-secret in Israel, and only those with the highest clearance levels in the Israeli security system can access information about them.

What we know about the unit so far is a deep reconnaissance force that operates beyond enemy lines to gather strategic Intelligence.

The unit is completely independent of the IDF’s usual structures and receives Its missions directly from the general staff.

It is the meeting point at the Pinnacle of Israel’s intelligence and Special Operations communities. Today, sayeret is allegedly carrying out high-risk clandestine missions deep within the enemy territory in order to keep Israel and its citizens safe.


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YAMAM is Israel’s tier-one Counter-terrorism unit.

They specialize in hostage rescue and offensive raids against hostile Targets in civilian areas. When it comes to close-quarter combat, very few units in the world are better or more experienced.

They are at the very tip of the Spear of Israel’s defense establishment, and there are very few nights in a year where Yamam operators are not out operating in hostile areas hunting some of the most dangerous Terrorists in the world.

They’re not only Israel’s number one counter-terror unit but also considered the best counter-terror unit in the world.

Top 7 Israeli Special Forces Units - MilitaryView (2024)
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