Premium Toulouse Sausages (400g) (2024)


Classically French, our hand made Toulouse sausages have a wonderful, garlicky flavour and use our own Saddleback pork from small Dorset and Wiltshire farms. They are the classic ingredient in cassoulet, that hearty bean, confit and pork casserole that is a hallmark of any self-respecting French cook’s repertoire. Or simply pan fry or grill in the oven.

We love them for breakfast with fried eggs and sourdough.

Perfect for any full French breakfast!

6 sausages per pack.

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Free-Range Toulouse Sausages

Our premium Toulouse sausages are hand-made from outdoor-reared Saddleback pork from small family-run farms in Dorset and Wiltshire.

We use natural casings that allow the sausage to breathe, infusing the meat to give a rich, even flavour throughout.

We believe strongly that small-scale farming is better for the farmer, the animal, the local ecology, and for you, producing exceptionally tasting, ethically reared meat that you can trust completely. So, now you know where to buy Toulouse sausages made right here in the UK, it’s time to place your order.

What are Toulouse Sausages: A British Interpretation of a French Classic

A famous export from the south of France, the Toulouse sausage – or Saucisse de Toulouse – as it is known in its native language – is a fresh sausage with a high pork content and generous seasoning. Sometimes sold in traditional sausage shapes and at other times sold in a swirl (much like the British Cumberland sausage), the Toulouse sausage is not only popular on its own but also in combination with hearty French dishes such as stews and, of course, a cassoulet.

While we are fans of the French Toulouse sausage (and French sausages in general) at the Dorset Meat Company, we also believe in the outstanding quality of the meat here in the West Country and, inspired by this traditional product, we’ve created our own. The saddleback pork from our small, family run farms is perfect for use in sausages. By giving our pigs longer to mature, they develop the essential fat that makes for a truly delicious and flavoursome sausage. Even in the richest sauces and most wholesome dishes, you won’t have to worry about our premium Toulouse sausages getting lost.

How to cook Toulouse sausages

First things first, we must advise that you don’t prick your sausages before cooking. The natural casings around our sausages are there for a reason and to get the very best from them you want to leave the flavour packed in there.

Next, decide whether you want to keep things simple and let the sausages stand out on their own or if you want to incorporate them in a bigger dish. You can fry, grill or barbecue your sausages and make them the hero of your next meal or incorporate them in a casserole, marry them with chicken or duck in a cassoulet, or even create a hearty hotpot with haricot beans.

Whatever your next dish turns out to be you can find Toulouse sausages for sale online right here at the Dorset Meat Company and available for delivery in just 2–3 days.


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Ingredients & Allergens

Allergens in Bold:

PORK (87.00%), GLUTEN FREE CRUMB (8.50%): (Rice Flour Water Dextrose Monohydrate Vegetable Fibre Salt (contains E535 anticaking agent) Caramelised Sugar Syrup Paprika Extract), CURING SALT (1.50%): (Salt (80-90%), Sugar (10-20%), Preservatives (E250, E251) (<2%), Antioxidant (E301) (<2%).), RED WINE (1.00%): (RED WINE (Sulphites)), BLACK PEPPER (1.00%), GARLIC GRANULES (1.00%)


This product will have previously been frozen and is not suitable for refreezing.

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Premium Toulouse Sausages (400g) (3)

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What our customers say

“Very tasty. This was my first delivery. It won’t be the last. Planning to buy all my meat from here”


“From ordering online and having all my questions answered with regard to animal welfare, to helping me choose the best produce, this company is 5 *****”


“I have ordered from this company for over a year and the quality of the meat is second-to-none! If you’re hesitating, don’t!”


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Premium Toulouse Sausages (400g) (19)


We are Online Butcher of The Year 2023

This prestigious award is recognition of the work of our amazing farmers, growers and producers whose grass-fed, sustainable and ethically raised produce is enjoyed by customers across the UK, and testimony to the dedication of The Dorset Meat Company Team.

Premium Toulouse Sausages (400g) (2024)
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