"Is My Watch Too Big or Too Small?" The Perfect Watch Fit For You! (2024)

We’ve all been there – or at least if you’ve ever purchased a watch online, you’ve been there – you check through tons of watches, you make sure the strap is comfortable, the case is the perfect design, the colormatches your style, but there’s one thing you didn’t exactly account for – the case size.

Today, I’ll go through the different watch sizes, how they fit with various wrist sizes, and help you figure out that burning question “is my watch too big” or “is my watch too small”.

Is My Watch Too Big?

Although some people prefer a larger sized timepiece, the vast majority of watch enthusiasts would agree that an overly large watch case looks tacky and unprofessional to say the least. And since your watch speaks volumes about your personal style, you would think the least you could do is get the correct size for you. But how do you know what size is too big for your wrist?

As a general rule of thumb, the border of your watch case should not extend beyond the edge of your wrist. This means that the very ends of the watch (known as the lugs) should not be hanging outside of the confines of your wrist.

So, even if the actual casing is well inside your wrist, if the lugs are sticking out then your watch is too big. The reason for this is simply that the watch doesn’t appear uniform and consistent with the straight line that your wrist naturally makes. Having even a few millimetres of watch hanging out over the edge can ruin the sharpness of your look.

You’d never want to have your watch not appear flush with your wrist which is why some experts suggest that a watch that is slightly smaller than exact would be a better bet than one that is slightly over-sized.

Is My Watch Too Small?

For the same reason you wouldn’t want your watch to be too big, you wouldn’t want it to be too small either. The goal of a watch is to enhance your look, compliment your style, and add a little class to the outfit. But you can’t do that with your watch looking like a toy on your wrist.

To determine if your watch is too small, you’ll once again want to look at the lugs. Here, you have slightly more wiggle room than when deciding if your watch was too big. And when I say slightly, I truly mean the slightest bit of room between ‘just the right fit’ and ‘that looks a little small on you’. Of course, you’re always dealing with fine margins when measurements are defined in millimeters as watches are.

Your watch is too small if there is 2 millimeters or more of distance between the edge of your wrist and the edge of the watch lugs.

This isn't a common problem for women because women tend to prefer their wristwear to be smaller; however, men aren't afforded the same luxury. When it comes to men, a smaller timepiece on their wrist comes off as far more noticeable because it tends to take away from the 'manliness' of your style when your piece appears tiny. And, as stated before, it really doesn't take much space at all between the lugs and the edge of your wrist for it to appear pint sized.

How to Know the Perfect Watch Size for You

As stated before, deciding whether a watch is the perfect fit for you generally comes down to the positioning of the watch lugs. With the watch case back flat and positioned at the center of your wrist, the lugs must be positioned at the edge of your wrist with virtually no material hanging over the edge. But, if you buy online, you’d only be able to see this once the watch is actually paid for and delivered. So how do you get as close as possible to the perfect size?

One tip you can try is reaching out to the watch brand you're considering purchasing from and seeing if they can provide the wrist size of the model in the picture.

If you're unable to get this info, don't worry - check out our watch sizing guide below outlining which watch sizes would work well for you wrist size!

*Wrist size is in diameter*

Wrist Size

Watch Size

6” or less













8” or more


This is a basic guide to follow when deciding on your watch purchase and, of course, it’s difficult to get an exact fit when shopping online, but overall sticking within the confines of this list will ensure that, at the very least, your watch is just a mm or two off from your perfect fit.

Selecting the Right Sized Watch for Your Wrist

The style of watch sizes has varied over time. There was a time not too long ago where the only thing you’d see on both men and women’s wrists were extremely small pieces. In recent years, some watch wearers have elected for a larger, more bulky appearance to their pieces as the trend of bigger watches has slowly gained steam.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to preference and the look that you’re going for. However, if your goal is to look as sleek and presentable as possible, you’ll want to make sure your watch is as flush as possible with the outline of your wrist. Keep this in mind and you’ll avoid the costly mistake of purchasing a watch that isn’t sized right for your wrist!

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"Is My Watch Too Big or Too Small?" The Perfect Watch Fit For You! (2024)
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