How to Use FaceTime Voicemail on iPhone or iPad (2024)

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Once the FaceTime call isn't answered, you'll just tap the Record Video button to leave a video message


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How to Use FaceTime Voicemail on iPhone or iPad (1)

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Updated on December 13, 2023

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What to Know

  • Open the FaceTime app, choose a contact, and select FaceTime.
  • If FaceTime fails to connect, select Record Video to create your video voicemail.
  • Press the green arrow icon to send your video message, or select Retake to record a new one.

This article explains how to use FaceTime Voicemail on an iPhone or iPad.

The steps on this page apply to the FaceTime app on both iPhones and iPads running at least iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, respectively. While the images are taken from an iPhone, iPad owners can also use these instructions.

How to Leave a FaceTime Voicemail

Leaving a FaceTime Voicemail is really as easy as leaving any kind of voicemail.

  1. Open the FaceTime app on your iPhone or iPad and select New FaceTime.

    Alternatively, you can start a FaceTime video or audio call via the FaceTime camera icon within a conversation in the Messages app.

  2. Enter the contact you want to call and select FaceTime.

  3. The FaceTime video call should start ringing and your device’s camera will activate.

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  4. After about 30 seconds, if your contact doesn’t answer the call, the call will end and you’ll be presented with a new screen. Select Record Video.

    The option to record a video will also appear if your contact manually rejects your FaceTime call.

  5. The video message will begin recording immediately. Select the red Stop icon to finish the recording.

    Select the camera icon in the lower-right corner to switch between rear and front-facing cameras.

  6. Press the Play icon to watch the video message you just recorded, or select Retake to record a new video. When ready, select the green arrow icon to send the FaceTime voicemail video message.

    Select Save in the upper-right corner to save a copy of your video message to your device.

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Why Can’t I Send a FaceTime Video Voicemail?

Sometimes the Record Video button will appear faded and won’t work. When this happens, this means the contact either isn’t using a compatible device or operating system.

How to Use FaceTime Voicemail on iPhone or iPad (4)

FaceTime video voicemail recording and playback is only available on iPhones and iPads running at least iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, respectively.

If you cannot record a video message in FaceTime, try recording a video with the Camera app and sending it via Messages or another messaging app. Many messaging apps also have built-in video recording functionality.

Where Are FaceTime Voicemail Video Messages?

Received FaceTime voicemail video messages can be found under missed calls within the FaceTime app. Tap the Play icon next to Video to play a FaceTime video message. Once the video message starts playing, you can tap the screen to pause the clip and press Save in the upper-right corner to save the media to your iPhone or iPad.

How to Use FaceTime Voicemail on iPhone or iPad (5)

If you don’t see any mention of a video under a missed FaceTime call, the caller didn’t record a video message.

Received FaceTime voicemail video messages do not appear in the Messages app.

How to Leave Facetime Audio Voicemail

The FaceTime app only allows users to leave video messages for people when they’re unavailable. However, there are still a couple of ways to leave an audio voicemail when your FaceTime call isn’t picked up.

  • Leave a regular voicemail. Recording a traditional voicemail by making a regular phone call is still an effective way to leave a message.
  • Use Message’s Voice feature. In a regular text message in the Messages app, tap the Plus icon, select Audio, and immediately begin recording a sound file which will be saved and sent to the recipient as part of the text chat.
  • Use another messaging app. Other chat apps like Facebook Messenger and Instagram feature an audio message option on their direct message screens. It usually looks like a microphone icon.
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  • Is there a way I can tell if someone blocked me on their iPhone?

    The best, most reliable way is to ask them. We go over other ways in our How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on iPhone article, but they aren't foolproof.

  • Can I save a FaceTime Video Voicemail?

    Yes, in the upper right corner of the playback screen is a Save button which will save the video to your photo library in the Photos app.

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How to Use FaceTime Voicemail on iPhone or iPad (2024)
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