How to Choose Watch Dial Color That Suits You Well (2024)

Watch dial color is an important thing to get a stylish and matching appearance. Find out how to choose the right color dial for you here!

Apr 03, 2024

Choosing a watch dial color is also another job to do in buying watches. Well, if we want to take it simple, just go with the classic choice, such as white, black, or silver. But, is it really that easy? The reality is not really. There are certain things to consider when it comes to choosing awatch dialcolor that keeps you stylish.

A dial is the main attraction that the first impression falls into. Some people might also want a versatile watch dial color that can go with any attire. There is a reason whywearing a watchcan portray personality. The dial color can deliver meaning about your style preference and even personality.

So, how to choose a watch dial color that fits our style? We have certain things to consider that can help you find the one to match your style. Let’s figure it out in the guide below.

Watch Dial Color Meaning

Thewatchmaking industryis well-known for its wide varieties to choose from. That enables its enthusiasts to swap styles, choose different designs, and have a plethora of options to build up a watch collection. The same also goes to watch dial color that comes in various views.

Some have a mono-color with black, white, or blue while others come in colorful designs that radiates joy. So, what your watch dial color says about you? Among many options, below we’ll discuss some common watch dial color meanings that might match your interest.

Black: Power, Formality, and Practicality

Black is definitely the first classic option for watch dial color. It represents formality and practicality that best suits to radiate power, especially on an important occasion. Besides, black is a versatile watch dial color that also looks great in an informal event, such as a family gathering or hanging out with friends.

Having ablack dialalso helps tell the time easier as the hands would come in white – a great contrast for better legibility. Manyluxury brandstend to utilize this color in their collection as a classic yet favorite choice.

White: Elegance, Purity, and Light

White is a universal color for many things, be it jewelry, accessories, manufactures, and others. It gives an appeal to simplicity and purity that many people love. As a neutral color, white makes a versatile watch dial color for almost any outfit – it’s hard to go wrong with white.

However, as it gives a clean and crisp view, a slight scratch is very noticeable which is disturbing for some people. If you don’t mind this issue, white is the way to go to stay in fashion.

Blue: Dependability, Tranquility, and Intelligence

Compared to black and white, blue is kind of a newer trend in the watchmaking industry. It managed to catch enthusiasts’ attention for its appealing and charming color. The trend was started by some big brands during Baselworld. Renowned brands like Omega and Patek Philippe introduced their blue dial collections that enchant the audience.

We can see that blue is a primary color, meaning that it’s a great pair for many outfits. Additionally, blue is common indiving watchesas it represents the color of the ocean.

Orange, Red, Green: Passionate, Enthusiasm, and Energy

These days, colorful and bright color are also a popular choice that creates an image of joy, energy, and enthusiasm. Red, green, and orange might be too catchy for some people but others may consider them an exciting color for a dial. Well, watch dial color is definitely about personal preference.

In addition to that, these colors also suggest distinctive charms. For example, green is closely related tomilitary watchesthat indicate durability and regality. Red and orange show warmth and indicates a person who is outgoing. Wearing these bright colors really needs some real confidence to appear stylishly and pull them off.

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How to Choose Watch Dial Color

After knowing what each color means and represents, the next thing to do is how to match the watch dial color to the outfit. It definitely takes some consideration, especially if you choose some bold colors, such as red, pink, or orange. No worries, there’s always a way to appear in style with a watch in hand. Let’s dive in below!

Which Color is Right for You?

A timepiece is one way that says a lot about one’s personality. That also comes from how they choose a watch dial color that represents themselves. So, the first thing to do is choose which color is right for you.

There might be two or three colors that best match your style but make sure it goes well with your overall appearance. The right color would mostly radiates your personality well – a color that gives a sense of prestige, charm, and recognition. Many people just simply choose their favorite colors for the dial.


Another factor to consider when choosing a watch dial color is the occasion you are going to. You definitely don’t want to wear red in a formal office meeting. Therefore, we heavily recommend you choose a color according to the purpose and occasion.

Classic color is a way to go for formal occasions. Meanwhile, bright colors like green or red would be appropriate for casual events, such as hanging out with friends or vacations.

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The point is still related to the occasion you are going to be on. Your outfit is like the first and obvious attention until it goes down to your wrist and to the watch you are wearing. A timepiece is there to complement and elevate your outfit. Therefore, they should be in a matching color tone.

It would be quite daring to wear a watch with an unmatched color as it may be standing out. Besides, we believe it’s not a pleasing view to look at something unsynchronized as your outfit and timepiece creates an individual charm – not in harmony.

Taste and Preference

In the end, everything should be according to your taste and preference in choosing the right watch dial color. Besides, it’s you who are going to wear the watch. It doesn’t matter if we recommend wearing a black dial on formal occasions if you want to have it in green.

The most important thing here is that you are satisfied and confident with your look. After all, confidence can somehow boost a stylish appearance in almost any style.


Many say that when facing difficulties, going back to a classic choice seems like a good answer. While you can still do that for watch dial color, there are still certain things to consider, especially your outfits and what occasion you are in.

A watch dial is a face where the attention goes, choosing the one that suits you well is important. That will elevate your style. Pay attention to the things listed above and you’ll get ready with a good choice. Otherwise, having a watch collection with different colors will also do justice.

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How to Choose Watch Dial Color That Suits You Well (2024)


How to Choose Watch Dial Color That Suits You Well? ›

There might be two or three colors that best match your style but make sure it goes well with your overall appearance. The right color would mostly radiates your personality well – a color that gives a sense of prestige, charm, and recognition. Many people just simply choose their favorite colors for the dial.

How to choose a watch dial color? ›

As a general guideline, people with fair skin tones tend to suit watches with dials in cooler tones such as silver, blue, or white. These colors create a pleasant contrast against fair complexions. For people with darker skin tones, warm dial colors like gold, brown, or even deep blue can be incredibly flattering.

What color watch dial goes with everything? ›

So we can say that a watch with a white or black dial is a safe choice for all occasions: they are (more or less) watches that go with everything. Of course, it's hard to go wrong when wearing something classic, such as black or white - it's a rule that also applies to clothing.

What does watch dial color say about you? ›

Watches with Color and Your Personality

Black suggests excitement or anxiousness, amber green means uneasiness, blue green denotes calmness, amber indicates nervousness, green represents sensitivity, and dark blue signifies love and happiness. So dial colors are not just a simple fashion statement.

What is the most classy watch dial color? ›

Black is definitely the first classic option for watch dial color. It represents formality and practicality that best suits to radiate power, especially on an important occasion.

What is the most popular watch color? ›

Black: Formal, Bold, Versatility

Overall, black is the most practical watch dial colour since watches with black dials frequently come with white or luminous hands that make it simpler to see the time in low light and with poor vision.

Can you wear a green dial watch with anything? ›

Green dial watches can be paired with both casual and formal outfits, making them versatile accessories for any occasion. For a casual look, consider pairing your green dial watch with neutral-colored clothing to let the dial stand out.

Can you wear a blue dial watch with anything? ›

Because blue is a primary color, it complements almost every other shade. You can further dress a blue watch up with a gold case or make a more avant-garde statement with a bronze bezel. And it pairs well with an indigo rubber strap, a rich brown leather band, a brushed steel bracelet, or anything in between.

What does a black dial watch mean? ›

Black: Power, formality, practicality

Overall, black is the right watch dial colour for practicality — for the simple fact that watches with black dials often come with white or luminous or hands that make it easier to tell the time in conditions of low light and poor visibility.

Why are blue dial watches so popular? ›

Blue dials have the ability to capture light in a way many other dials can't always achieve, especially when on your wrist traveling through different environments.

When to wear a white dial watch? ›

The clean, understated aesthetic of a white dial can add a touch of elegance to any outfit, making it a versatile choice for every occasion. Whether you're attending a formal event or simply going about your daily activities, a white dial watch can be the perfect accessory to elevate your style.

How do I choose a watch color for my skin tone? ›

Silver watches are great for people with fair skin. But gold and rose gold tones can also look very good, as they give the skin a warm tone. Medium skin tones pair best with black and silver watches. Black watches add contrast, while silver watches can accentuate skin tone.

How do I match my watch with my outfit? ›

How to Choose the Perfect Watch to Match Your Outfit
  1. Tip #1: Consider Your Lifestyle and Needs:
  2. Tip #2: Consider the Color of Your Outfit:
  3. Tip #3: Consider the Style of Your Outfit:
  4. Tip #4: Pay Attention to Watch Size and Proportions:
  5. Tip #5: Pay Attention to Watch Features and Functions:
May 17, 2024

What color should my watch match? ›

A black watchband is more suited for formal events. Silver watches match best with shoes in black, gray, silver, and blue shades. Gold watches go with browns, beiges, tans, and other earth tones.

What color watch band goes with everything? ›

What is the Most Versatile Watch Strap Colour? Traditionally, watch brands have often made watch straps in neutral colours such as black, brown and tan which are extremely versatile, conveniently complementing gold, silver and rose gold watch cases.

What color should my watch face be? ›

Overall, the color of your watch face will come down to your style, your daily use of the watch, and what colors you tend to pull out of your closet. But if we had to choose, we would say that a black watch face is the most versatile color to choose. Black watch faces blend well with almost any color.

Should a dress watch have a white or black dial? ›

Dress watch dials rarely venture beyond white, silver or black. A classic dress watch with a white dial and black leather strap is as formal as it gets (and it is most often a man's first dress watch).

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